Welcome to Martyn’s RevSoft UK blog

Welcome to my new Revsoft UK blog. The aim of this blog is to replace the old newsletter and, in doing so, enable me to provide you with news, tips and other useful information in a more timely manner than waiting for the next newsletter, or delaying some useful news or information whilst I collate information for the next newsletter.

I would urge you to subscribe to the news feed that has been made available to this blog. I do not intend to post every day, nor do I plan to post on a periodic or regular basis – I’ll post as and when there is something to say and leave the news feed to notify you of the posting, with out you having to keep a eye on the blog itself.

I hope that you find this new approach useful. With the ability to add comments and participate in polls, I hope that this will become a two way share of information.



2 thoughts on “Welcome to Martyn’s RevSoft UK blog

  1. >Martyn – any chance of including a list of links here to white papers, web resources and other Rev related informtion? There is loads out there but it’s spread around. A single place would be useful.

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