>OpenInsight 9.0 EMEA price list is now available.

>The licensing for OpenInsight version 9.0 is much simpler than in previous versions and it now sees the Universal Driver 4.5 bundled as part of the new ‘Network User License’ from the outset. In addition, the Sierra Bravo Dashboard functionality is included with all of the Network User licenses.

The line-up also includes brand new Enterprise packages reflecting the needs of our larger clients. These licenses now have Universal Drivers and or the Universal Driver Heavy bundled, along with WebOI and multi-user ODBC driver licenses.

The Single User Runtime is still available as a marketing tool and package & pricing options for version 8.0.7 and earlier remain largely unchanged at the present time.

The 9.0 price list will not be published to the revsoft.co.uk web site, but it is available on request. Simply drop me a line and I’ll send you the list in .pdf format. I will also call you to make sure that you understand everything.

As always though, I would urge you to call me and discuss any quote or end-user requirements so that we can ensure that all of the options are considered and the right pricing goes on your quotation.


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