OI9.0 Controlling the Development Tools

As the count down to the version 9.0 release continues, attentions are turning to the best ways to deploy applications based on the new Network User license. This new license sees both technical and commercial changes and on the technical side this means dealing with deployments based on a development engine. Something that will be new for many Revelation clients who currently deploy using the locked down runtime license/engine.

The ‘Controlling Development Tools’ white paper is designed to get people thinking about their options when it comes to deploying an application to end users from version 9.0 onwards. Whilst it does not explore all of the options available to OpenInsight developers, it does cover some of the easier, non-code driven options. The paper can be downloaded by clicking the link above.

One thought on “OI9.0 Controlling the Development Tools

  1. >Just an update on the above. If you create a user in the database manager, and you set their Access level to ‘User’, they cannot get to the development tools. When they go to OPEN the application, they are presented with the application entry screen, so it looks just as if they are RUNning the application.The white paper associated with this posting has been updated accordingly and published to http://www.revsoft.co.uk.Thanks Mike, for this additional point.

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