>Reminder – SRP’s Form Fixer

>The release of version 9.0 is certainly proving popular, not least amongst those of you still running older versions of OpenInsight. I have therefore had a request that a link to SRP’s Form Fixer be added to the blog. So here it is

SRP Form Fixer
“Beginning with OpenInsight 7.0, changes were introduced to the Form Designer and Presentation Server that improved the way forms can be displayed. This included support for extended 3D styles, XP themes, and the correct preservation of the client size. However, forms created in older versions of OpenInsight, including earlier 32-bit releases, usually have visual anomalies until they are manually corrected or recompiled with newer Form Designers. For large applications this can be an enormous chore. The SRP Form Fixer was created to resolve this issue in seconds rather than hours.” – From SRP’s web site.


2 thoughts on “>Reminder – SRP’s Form Fixer

  1. >Given that Rev’s “official” policy is to only support releases made within the past 12 months it’s quite a testament to the quality of the product that people can still be running on such older versions. Saying that we’re currently still supporting Rev G clients and when was that – mid eighties? 🙂

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