New OpenInsight 9.0 Example Application

Well, I have finally bitten the bullet and version 1.0.1 of my PSS Media Library OpenInsight version 9 examples application is now ready for anyone who wants the initial copy.

As many of you will know, my technical ability is limited at best, but OpenInsight 9.0 has enabled me to take this fact finding project right through to deployment stage – something I really did not think would be possible for someone with my skills. It just goes to show how far OpenInsight has come in recent years.

The application is designed to enable users to manage a photograph collection by defining disks records, image records and then assigning those images to one or more disks. The application has a relatively consistent look, but it mixes ideas including basic windows, tab controls, hierarchical list boxes, MDI and various styles of OIPI reports, amongst other things.

The no-code NSIS installation routine (from Nullsoft) includes all of the source code so OpenInsight developers can easily drop in their 9.0 development license file and dive into the reports, windows, event handlers and stored procedures. The installation also includes a full developer’s briefing detailing the various features and also a user guide for anyone wanting to use the application more seriously.

Please simply drop me an email should wish to receive a copy of the application.

Click here for a youtube video presentation of the application.

4 thoughts on “New OpenInsight 9.0 Example Application

  1. >From your video it looks like alot of work has gone into the new app and it looks very pretty. I’ll email for a copy as the .net stuff is of interest.

  2. >I’ve taken a quick look through the app and it sure is a nice piece of work, especially for a non pro. The developers briefing is a real nice touch and the installer sets it off real nice. I’d recommend this to anyone new to OI and existing developers with tired apps – there’s some interesting stuff. Nice work Martyn, you kick out some good stuff.

  3. >I really appreciate your taking so much of your own time to produce these sort of helpers :). Very impressed with how graphically attractive the application is given you’re a “non-pro”.

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