>A word of caution when first working with WebOI.

>Please be aware that certain files in WebOI have been created using the Universal Driver and as such it is necessary for you to be running the ‘Universal Driver Client’ when you begin working with the tool. This has recently come to light as many developers are still running an older driver (e.g. the 2.1 driver) for DEP and compatibility reasons.

Running WebOI with an older driver can result in an error message reading “XXXXXX is not a valid Databasee (sic). Processes have not been created.” In this error message XXXXXX is the name of your database. In addition, when attempting to log into WebOI (/localhost/weboi/oecgi.exe/inet_weboi) you might be presented with a Invalid User or Password message window.

Sprezzatura do have a utility that will alter the header record to be the same as the 2.1 header AND move the links around. However, this utility should be used with caution and in consultation with Sprezzatura Support at the present time. This is because the program currently fails to adjust the skip pointers in Group 0, if the file has any. It is unlikely that this will be an issue and the Sprezzatura guys are working on a patch as I post this article. More information about this free utility can be found in SENL volume 4 issue 4.

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