>Vista running in compatibility mode.

>I’d planned not to post this article as I thought it was just me being stupid again. However, a recent conversation with a non-Revelation developer proved that Vista running all sorts of programs in compatibility mode can have consequences where the software is behaving in a certain way for the installed operating system. This posting is therefore more of a heads up than anything.

During the beta test program for OI 9.0 I let my license run towards its expiry date and I duly began receiving the notice that the period was about to expire. I clicked the OK button and continued to use the beta software without any problems. However, when I let the beta test run passed the expiry date I began to have problems on my Vista machine, although the same copy running under Windows 2003 Server behaved as expected.

Following a number of tests, my colleague in the US support team uncovered the problem. My machine, although running Vista, was reporting to OI that it was running XP. This lead him to research the issue further and he found that running in “Compatibility Mode” could cause the operating system to be reported as XP, not Vista.

Changing the shortcut properties to not run in compatibility mode resolved the issue and the license warning screen operated as designed – something else to watch out for when installing your OpenInsight system (and other applications) on Vista machines.


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