>RUG Meeting Planned

>I would like to invite you to the next Revelation Developer and User Group Meeting, which will take place in London during the afternoon of Monday 23rd March.

Mike Ruane (President of Revelation Software, Inc.) will be over from the USA. On this occasion he will be looking at many of the tips and techniques to help you to better understand updates approaches to building applications in OpenInsight and also how to get more productivity from OpenInsight.

Some of the items already on the agenda include:

  1. An overview of WebOI 9.0.1
  2. An overview of the Dashboard in 9.0
  3. Use of the Commuter Module Generator – whether or not you’re using WebOI
  4. Drop Down List populator
  5. Global Find and Replace
  6. FIND command. Finds string in data or code and makes an active list
  7. Code Wizard – Create chunks of code with a click from the menu. Extendable by the developer. We intend to supply a dozen or so examples to attendees
  8. OERUN – Command line running of an engine and a process and then shutting down
  9. Indexing Service – under development
  10. MOVEDATA.Bat – A routine to help move data at the OS level
  11. The PRINTSCREEN utility – Alt-P returns (if you have Word)
  12. RTI_SENDFAX – Send faxes from a OI, either through a window or call
  13. URL Filing System – read and write websites and HTTP as if it were a filing system

Whilst most of the utilities, functions and techniques will already be in version 9.0, attendees will receive those that are not in 9.0 in the form of an RDK install following the RUG.

Please contact Me to reserve your place and to receive further details about the venue and times.


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