>AUTOSIZECOL issue, workaround and fix.

>I’d like to thank Colin from CSSP for bringing an issue with AUTOSIZECOL to our attention and also to Carl for some prompt attention to identifying a workaround for the issue now (version 8.x and 9.0) and for more completely addressing the issue for the next release of OpenInsight.

The issue was reproduced by creating a table containing the following code .TABLE->AUTOSIZECOL=0 and then this was run on two separate forms. This approach was taken to enable a toggle setting to autosize to 3 or 0 to either display the scroll bar or remove it.

  • A form was created with a table set to resize vertically and horizontally, but no columns were set to autosize.
    In this instance the above code caused the row numbers to autosize.
  • A second form was created and one this form the control is sized manually.
    In this instance the above code causes the entire set of columns to move to the right when increasing the form size. This resulted in a blank area between the row markers and the first column.

Carl picked this one up and he has made a change to AUTOCOLSIZE so that:

  1. Using a value less than 0 will result in auto-resizing being turned off.
  2. Using a value of 0 will result in the row label column being auto sized, unless it is not there in which case auto-sizing is turned off.
  3. Using a value greater than 0 results in the column number specified being resized as per normal.

This change should make the next release of OpenInsight in a few months time. In the meantime, this issue can be worked around by simply setting the AUTOSIZECOL property to -3.


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