>If you need to improve your productivity, and who doesn’t these days, then OpenInsight’s new System Editor is a must use.

Revelation have just uploaded a System Editor ++ overview video to YouTube. In this video Mike looks at many of the new features that will help you to get more productivity whilst developing routines in OpenInsight. Some of the things that he looks at are:

  • Global Replace
  • The array of text colouring options and text sizing
  • The use of tooltips to aid your coding, reduce debugging time and help new Basic+ developers
  • The use of Code Templates to save hours of repetitive header typing. In addition, the use of Program shells will help to standardise and enhance your code generation either personally or across your team
  • The ability to collapse code and jump around your code easily
  • The use of the Status Bar to aid the debugging of routines at compilation time

If you want to learn more about the System Editor ++ and other ways of achieving real productivity gains, then please reserve your place on our RUG in a couple of weeks time.


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