>Intro to OI’s Bravo Dashboard (Videos)

>OpenInsight version 9.0 featured the inclusion of the Sierra Bravo Dashboard technology into the toolset. This is a tool that enables OpenInsight developers to quickly create dashboard widgets and make them available to users.

I have created a couple of videos which introduce you to the use of Dashboards and how to configure OpenInsight to use the Bravo Dashboard in OpenInsight and then how to use the tools.

The videos are available from YouTube and also for download using the links below. I hope that you find these videos useful.


2 thoughts on “>Intro to OI’s Bravo Dashboard (Videos)

  1. >The benefits of upgrading to version 9.0 are becoming clearer – thanks for these videos. They are extremely useful and much easier than working through the guides. What’s next?

  2. >I am hoping to begin turning the evaluation tutorial into a series of videos. Other technology specific ones will be created as and when and if the topic is within my relatively non-technical ability.

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