>Work in progress


As the screen capture indicates, Carl has recently been working on modernising menus for OpenInsight. As the example shows, he is well on the way to completing the bitmap menu rendering for running in Windows Classic mode. He also has plans to support Windows XP (Blue, Olive and Silver), Office 2003 (Blue, Olive and Silver) and also Vista Aero, although there is some way to go to support these additional styles.

That said, I understand that a lot of the difficult requirements with OpenInsight’s internal menu structure have been completed and he is hoping to move on with the additional styles over the coming weeks.

He also tells me that, you should be able to give separators text strings and you should also have the ability to use bitmaps as check marks. In addition, he is also looking at enhancing the Property and Send_Message interface to bring them into line with the bitmap rendering.

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