>Promoted Events and Recompiling entities

>At the RUG on Monday Mike will be looking at a number of ways that developers can get more productivity from OpenInsight, on the list is commuter modules and the commuter module generator.

This has provoked a few calls from people recently with regards to modernising their OpenInsight applications, most of which have been in use for some years. Amongst other things, the use of promoted events has come up. With this in mind, I thought it worth reminding everyone about Sprezzatura’s zz_util_recompilation utility that is freely available from their web site.

Sprezzatura have used promoted events since OpenInsight version 4.0.x to reduce application development timelines and to deliver solutions to clients in a more timely and cost effective manner. They are now an integral part of the applications that the team builds for clients.

However, one of the overheads with using promoted events in design time is the need to recompile all of the windows in the application and to also recompile programs when working with Dictionary Equates. zz_util_recompilation addresses this requirement and enables OpenInsight developers to quickly and easily recompile any or all entities that are recompilable. Further details, supported versions of OpenInsight and a link to the files can be found on the above linked page.


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