>RUG update

>Thank you to those of you that took time out of your busy schedules to meet with us in London for Monday’s User Group.

Feedback thus far, indicates that the session was extremely useful and most people went away with notes that will help them to get more productivity from OpenInsight and ideas for enhancements to their OpenInsight applications. In addition, Mike completed the two day visit with a couple of pages of very useful suggestions, many of which have already jumped to the top of the wish list and will no doubt find their way into OpenInsight over the coming weeks.

Whilst much of what Mike talked about is beyond my ability to demonstrate, I do hope to enhance my demo application/s to include some of the Edit Table enhancements, drag and drop functionality (especially dragging files from Windows and displaying them in OpenInsight) and some of the other features that enable a more modern interface to be created and for developers to embrace standards and to get more done in less time, for example the code template library coming in 9.0.1.

Please drop me an email if you would like to book a WebEx session or meeting to look at some of these changes that are benefitting developers and end users using later versions of OpenInsight. In the meantime, Mike and I are already considering a RUG around October time. I chose a date when many people were busy this time, so please email me with dates to avoid and I’ll do my best to accommodate you all.


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