>Custom Application Manager Title Bar


A useful tip if you have several copies of your OpenInsight application for live, beta, test, R&D, etc.

You can easily keep these in different folders, but wouldn’t it be nice to change the Application Manager title bar to reflect which on you are working in, rather than find that you have just run up and modified the wrong copy.

In recent versions of OpenInsight, the number of switches that can be applied in the desktop shortcut used to launch OpenInsight has grown. For instance I now have different shortcuts to launch straight into my ARev32 demo, my new examples application, my WebOI demo and of course the standard SYPROG and EXAMPLES apps that come with OpenInsight – all of which are held in one copy of OpenInsight.

For example, I use
to launch my new examples application. In this example, I use the /ap switch to launch straight into the application, passing in the username and password as applicable. I then use the /DV switch to take me into development mode and /IDE=1 to launch the new version 9.0 IDE.

In addition, you can now use /CA to include your own text in the Application Manager window’s title bar in brackets. So for instance I might opt to have my application version number show (Version_3.01.04) or I might simply opt to have (BETA) to indicate that this is a beta copy that I am working in.

The choice of text is yours, although it does have to be a complete string, so no spaces.

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