>Did You Know… Gradient colour on forms


From version 9.0, OpenInsight forms now support a background colour gradient to give your application a face lift in minutes. This can be set in a number of ways.

You can set the gradient for every window in your application by using the Environment Settings found in the Database Manager. This window enables you to choose a ‘From’ and a ‘To’ colour for your windows and then checking the checkbox OpenInsight will apply the colours to all of the windows in your application.

You can then override this on a form by form basis by checking the Background Colour checkbox on the window’s property sheet. Once checked, you can set a main colour (or from colour) using the ‘Background Colour…’ menu option from the form’s ‘Properties’ menu. Checking the Background Colour checkbox then enables the Gradient button on the window’s properties sheet. This button opens up the ‘Gradient Definition’ window in which you can select a number of gradient styles and also a ‘Grade To Colour’. Once set this specific form will then grade the background colour between your two defined colours.

As usual, the gradient colours and styles can also be set in code, an example of which is:

Declare function Set_Property
$Insert Colors
equ Vertical$ to 1
vBackColor = Red$ : @fm : Black$ : @fm : 0
prevBack = Set_Property(@window, “BACKCOLOR”, vBackColor)
prevGrad = Set_Property(@window, “GRADIENTSTYLE”, Vertical$)

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