>List Populator in version 9.0.1


Following suggestions from attendees at the recent RUG in London, Mike and his team have included some of the suggestions into the 9.0.1 release and included others for consideration for a future release. Whoever said that it’s not worth the time to attend these meetings 😉

One such suggestion came whilst Mike was showing how a list can be populated with a simple string in the items list, something that I touched on back in our February 2008 newsletter and a white paper on the subject.

There were two suggestions at the RUG. The first was for the items displayed using the technique to be sorted and the second was for items from the database to be displayed and, above those, items that were added by the developer into the controls items on the property window. Furthermore, Mike has included the option to sort the data in various ways, including descending left (DL), descending right (DR), ascending left (AL) and ascending right (AR).

Both of these customer requests should be included in the 9.0.1 release in a few weeks time.


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