>Drag & Drop – Windows files

>Did you know that by using drag & drop and a simple OLE control, you can easily enable a user to drag any file into your application and then display that file from within your OpenInsight application. Obviously the users machine needs to know how to handle the file (you will need Word installed to display a .doc or .docx file), but you can easily allow users to drag a .pdf, MS Word, Notepad, text file, html page, etc. onto a form and display the content. In addition, application files like MS Excel 2003 spreadsheets can be displayed (with edit capabilities) from within your OpenInsight application.

Images can also be dragged into an OpenInsight application and displayed on a form. In this instance a simple bitmap control and edit line is used. Furthermore, with a few lines of code, you can enable your users to drag the contents of an edit table cell from one cell to another or between two edit tables.

I hope to have some demonstrable examples of these techniques shortly, so please let me know if you would more details and I will be glad to set up a meeting or a WebEx meeting online.

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