>Commuter Routine Generator

>Did you know that you can use the WebOI Commuter Routine Generator to create commuter routines for any OpenInsight window that is currently based on Quick Events and Scripts. The use of commuter routines is widely considered to be best practice and that leads to an easier to maintain, faster to operate and more organised application. At the present time the routine can be executed from the WebOI utility in the new IDE or from the System Monitor.

The commuter routine generator includes an option to create ‘case statement stubs’ in the commuter routine for all controls and supported events on the form. You would usually only select those that you want to include, but there might be times when you would want them all. When checking the box, OpenInsight (from version 9.0.1) will not only double check that you really want to create the empty case statement stubs along with your define stubs, but it will also notify you of how many stubs will be created so that you can make a more informed decision.

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