OpenInsight running under Windows 7

Whilst it is early days in the Windows 7 release cycle, I was pleased to learn yesterday that Revelation in the USA have already begun testing of OpenInsight 9.x with the forthcoming Universal Driver 4.6 on the current Windows 7 release candidate. These preliminary tests are proving very positive with OpenInsight showing no immediate signs of having any trouble running under the new version of Windows. More will be published to this blog as the testing continues and more information comes my way

2 thoughts on “OpenInsight running under Windows 7

  1. >I am not aware of any planned testing of OI 8.x under Windows 7, but I’ll post any updates to my blog as and when I hear them. However, I would also expect OI 8.x to run fine given that it runs OK under Vista – however, you never know what Microsoft will do in Windows 7 that might break something and Revelation made a lot of advances in OI 9.x over 8.x and prior.

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