>396% reduction in disk utilisation!

>One of the hottest IT topics that I am continuously asked about, is that of performance and reducing the load on system resources. It was therefore nice to hear from one of our UK clients who has achieved some stunning results.

Following the upgrade of an application server to a new one with Solid State Drives and using the Universal Driver 4.5 to split the data over two physical volumes, a leading financial institution in the UK recently reported “… Disk utilisation down from averaging at 400% down to 4% .. SSD’s are awesome for LH.. the low latency really helps.” This is a large OpenInsight system that is vital to the business and which is in daily use by several hundred concurrent users.

Whilst I don’t have any Solid States Drives for sale, I do have the new Universal Driver 4.6 and I’ll be happy to talk to anyone running an older Revelation Network Product about the benefits of the Universal Driver. In addition, I’ll forward a white paper to you which takes a look at splitting your data onto a different location.


2 thoughts on “>396% reduction in disk utilisation!

  1. >The main things UD 4.5> gives you are server side lock management and the LH Share functionality. LH Shares allows you to setup a virtual share on the server invisible to the user (and their configuration) so placing the data wherever you want becomes simple server side config change rather than a organisation level 'add a new mapped drive'.

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