>RevSoft UK – Support Issue Submissions


Those of you that have recently used RevUK’s support services will have experienced the allocation of a unique support issue tracking number. This number is used exclusively throughout the life of the issue to monitor its progress to closure and to maintain a complete audit of email conversations, advice and results. Furthermore, it ensures that any members of the support team can pick up the incident and contribute wherever they are in the world and at any time.

To ensure that all of RevUK’s support and aftersales care staff are aware of your support issue and that you get as quick a response as possible, all issues are initially submitted using the dedicated support issue submission form on the ww.revsoft.co.uk web site.

As of this morning, all support requests submitted through this support form will be automatically logged into Sprezzatura’s (the support arm of RevUK) support tracking system and you will receive an automated email reply with your unique support ticket number with your own one line support issue description to make tracking and identification as simple as possible. Please be sure to use this subject line and the dedicated support email address when responding to or following up on the case.

If you are not currently supported though OpenInsight WORKS or another of the support options designed to cover any Revelation product, please contact sales@revsoft.co.uk to discuss your needs and ensure that your organisation maintains a solid support safety net.

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