>OpenInsight’s .NET Explorer


It would seem that .NET integration is back on the hotlist again judging from a few calls that I have had from some of you recently. Whilst requirements vary, I thought it timely to touch on a new window that is included in version 9.1, entitled the .NET Explorer.

The .NET Explorer enables you to browse for a .NET assembly and then choose one of the Classes located within that assembly. Once selected, OpenInsight then interrogates the Class to expose pretty much everything that you are likely to need to interface to that class from within OpenInsight.

There are six tabs of information that OpenInsight extracts for you. These include the classes properties, methods, fields, events and interfaces. The sixth tab then shows a representation of the default .NET class (as applicable) along with it’s properties and values.

There is too much information to run through in this posting, but I will be happy to show anyone this useful window via a WebEx session – just drop me an email and I’ll schedule a mutually convenient time.

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