>Reauth.exe & Netdrv.exe Issues


Revelation have recently received a number of support calls and emails with regards to the reauth.exe and netdrv.exe programs failing. The reauth.exe file was introduced with OpenInsight version 8.0.3 and it is used to add additional users to an OpenInsight system and to also reset the license expiry date for Developer Class/Network User licenses. The netdrv.exe program has been around for a long time and it is used to set and change the network driver.

Two of the most common error messages that are being reported are:

  1. “Authorization failed. Please contact Revelation software or you vendor for additional support.”
    This issue is primarily produced when a user is prompted for, and enters, a new 5×5 authorisation key. It is a result of the reauth.exe file failing to run owing to a file still being is use.
  2. “Opening of the file failed. The process of changing drivers cannot be continued.”
    This issue is reported during the changing of the network driver using NETDRV.EXE. Again, this is a result of a file still being in use.

These programs require single user access to the entire OpenInsight system and for this reason ALL users must be logged out of the OpenInsight application and ALL services must be stopped, as they might well be using a user count or have files locked. In every case where a support issue has been raised, the problem was found to be an active OpenInsight session which was keeping the system locked. This situation can arise for several reasons, the two main reasons being a workstation with an open session and a hung engine that is still running in memory.

The obvious resolution to this issue is to ensure that all users are out of the system and all services are fully closed down before running the reauth.exe program – the UD 4.6 can be useful for this as it reports all locks on the system and provides Administrators with a way to release those locks gracefully. However, Revelation have released a script to automate the process of closing all connected sessions, killing running oinsight.exe programs and stopping the service. This script is a little overkill, but it is designed to be a “when all else fails” solution.

The script and further details can be found at Troubleshooting REVAUTH.EXE, NETDRV.EXE and OENGINE;DLL Upgrades.


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