>Q4 ’09 Roadshows


With the world conference scheduled for April 2010, Revelation are planning a series of road shows to meet developers and users prior to the end of the year and ahead of the main conference. These road shows will take place across the USA and in England and Australia during the last quarter of 2009. In order to choose the best cities to host the shows, Revelation are currently seeking your opinion as to which cities should host these one day events.

The agendas for the road shows are yet to be set, but topics that will no doubt be on the agenda include an update on how Revelation is doing and plans for the future, a look at the new features and enhancements released in OpenInsight 9.1 and discussion about plans for the 9.2 release.

People often ask me what they are missing in OpenInsight since the last release, how they can get more productivity from the toolset and how they can make better use of the new and emerging technologies that OpenInsight supports. These road shows are the perfect way for you to keep abreast of OpenInsight’s enhancements, discuss plans for future enhancements and to have your say about what your business needs in OpenInsight. Along with the world conference, these road shows really are a must attend event for anyone developing with OpenInsight or considering an ARev32 conversion.

Revelation value your opinion on the choice on venue and your selections will be taken into account as the final venues are set and booked. It is intended that the final set of city selections will be announced in the September newsletter, so please go to the City Voting Page on the US web site as soon as possible to make your voice heard.


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