OpenInsight has a large number of system error codes that are produced from time to time when a problem occurs. These error codes are grouped into 17 categories with the first part of the error message identifying the category and the remaineder being some detail about the error.

For instance, there have been six error messages introduced for the Socket functionality – SOCK101 through SOCK 106.

All of these error messages can be found in the REVERROR.DAT file and which is found in your main OpenInsight folder. For ease of reference this list can also be found on http://www.revsoft.co.uk/devcodes.htm. Overnight, this list was updated to include three new/missing error codes and also the error codes for SOCK, PING and EV were added as three new sections linked from the above web page.

WORKS subscribers can get additional assistance with regards to these error messages as needed, by submitting the relevant details to our support team via the dedicated support issue submission form. In addition, there are a couple of pages dedicated to the FS231 and FS472 errors, being common errors produced whilst configuring the Revelation network products.