Did you know that OpenInsight release 9.1 includes a form and stored procedure called TEST_NEW_EDITTABLE_STYLES. This test form provides examples for programming the new edit table styles and the associated stored procedure has all of the code exposed for developers to review how things are done.

Some of the examples included in the test form include:

  1. Options button within a cell that calls the options event for the edit table control.
  2. Using vertical styles.
  3. Forcing uppercase in rows.
  4. Multiline processing.
  5. Including drop down controls in cells, columns and rows.
  6. Including drop down edit controls in columns.
  7. Using a Multi-Line Header.
  8. How to change the test in the row buttons (all buttons and also only some buttons).

The test form can be run from the Application Manager or the Form Designer in the normal way. The accompanying stored procedure can be viewed using the System Editor by opening the TEST_NEW_ET_STYLES stored procedure, it too can be opened from the Application Manager window.