>Open OIPI report previews maximised


A couple of times recently, I have been asked how to launch the OIPI preview window maximised. I therefore thought it worthwhile to remind everyone that the INIT Set_Printer Message can be used to achieve how the window launches, amongst several other things.

There are nine main parameters, the 5th parameter handling how OIPI launches and what is displayed. The 5th parameters ‘Style’ setting consists of 6 options that you can define in your report. The options are:

  • 0 = Print to printer
  • 1 = Display PrintSetup
  • 2 = Preview normal
  • 3 = Maximized
  • 4 = Last location
  • 5 = Specific location
  • 99 = Print to printer with the WMF fix

To launch OIPI maximised you would use something like –
stat = Set_Printer(“INIT”, “Report 1”, title, “”, 1, 3)

The INIT message must be called before any printing can start as it controls the initial properties for each printing session. A full list of the properties can be found within the OpenInsight help files, by running a search for “INIT Set_Printer Message” and the help file contain a lot of useful additional information with regards to the INIT Set_Printer Message.

>I18N round table and RUG


26/10/09 – I18N Round Table
27/10/09 – Revelation User Group

Details are currently being finalised, but I am pleased to announce that RevSoftUK will be hosting an Internationalisation (I18N) round table and a Revelation User Group meeting on Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th October respectively.

Revelation have recently seen a heightened interest in OpenInsight from clients and prospects around Europe, Russia and the Middle East, many of which require support throughout the product for special characters. Whilst a lot of work has already been undertaken, Revelation appreciate that the subject is complex and wide reaching.

For this reason, a very special I18N round table is being hosted on the afternoon of the 26th October. This is the perfect open discussion forum for anyone working with (or needing to work with) special characters. Mike Ruane and Carl Pates will be in attendance to share their current I18N support ideas and they will be interested to hear your ideas on those plans and also be fully understand your specific requirements.

This is a unique opportunity to influence the future direction of OpenInsight and a must for any developer or user working with special characters.

The following day (27th October) will see the next Revelation User Group (RUG) taking place. The full agenda is yet to be confirmed, but Chaired by Mike Ruane, I anticipate that attendees will hear an update on how the company is doing, plans for 9.2 and later and also an overview of the 9.x releases. If for nothing else, this is a must attend for anyone developing with OpenInsight or ARev as it is your opportunity to voice your requirements from the product. Following each RUG recently, the majority of the suggestions and needs of attendees have found their way into the product – you are also pretty much guaranteed to learn something about the product that you did not know before and that will make your life just that little bit easier.

Both events will be based somewhere in London and I will post further details about the times, venues, etc. as they are finalised.

For now, please be sure to block these two important dates in your diary and please drop me a line to reserve your place and help me to better estimate the numbers to cater for.

>Did you know – Knowledge Base


Hopefully this will simply serve as a reminder, but just in case you’d forgotten (or never got round to taking a look) the Knowledge Base section http://www.revelation.com/ is just one of several valuable developer resources that Revelation makes available to its worldwide community of developers.

The knowledge base is updated regularly with insightful articles on the use and behaviour of Revelation’s products and it’s worth making a monthly to-do task to check it for new information.

Some recent postings are:

OpenInsight 9.1 Upgrade now available!

I am pleased to announce the release of OpenInsight version 9.1 and which is now available from the WORKS area on www.revelation.com. This is the latest version of Revelation Software’s flagship product and it takes the usual leaps forward in enhancements.

I will cover some of the main enhancements in another blog posting over the next couple of days, but those of you who have been eagerly waiting for the release need wait no longer.

Please note that this upgrade can only be applied to OpenInsight version 9.0 and you will need one of the new 5×5 authorisation keys from Revelation before you can install the upgrade. This can be requested using the OpenInsight 9.1 Upgrade Request Form in the download area.

Remember, if you have previously received an authorization code when you upgraded to a prior version of OpenInsight, you do not need to re-upload your Oengine.dll. However, if you have never applied for an authorization code, you will be required to upload the Oengine.dll for the site you are upgrading. You will automatically receive an email with the authorization code after the Request has been sent.