OpenInsight 9.1 Upgrade now available!

I am pleased to announce the release of OpenInsight version 9.1 and which is now available from the WORKS area on This is the latest version of Revelation Software’s flagship product and it takes the usual leaps forward in enhancements.

I will cover some of the main enhancements in another blog posting over the next couple of days, but those of you who have been eagerly waiting for the release need wait no longer.

Please note that this upgrade can only be applied to OpenInsight version 9.0 and you will need one of the new 5×5 authorisation keys from Revelation before you can install the upgrade. This can be requested using the OpenInsight 9.1 Upgrade Request Form in the download area.

Remember, if you have previously received an authorization code when you upgraded to a prior version of OpenInsight, you do not need to re-upload your Oengine.dll. However, if you have never applied for an authorization code, you will be required to upload the Oengine.dll for the site you are upgrading. You will automatically receive an email with the authorization code after the Request has been sent.

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