>RevSoftUK and Twitter


Well it is now official, I am a ‘Twit’terer!

I’ve had a Twitter account for a while, but never really got into the whole idea of using it in a business context – personally, I can think of nothing worse than spending a hour a day finding out what your contacts had for breakfast this morning, plan to do in their private time this evening or any of the other ‘twatter’ the service appears to generate.

In addition, finding time to maintain the blog, a couple of networking sites and Twitter was resulting in late evenings and an unwanted distraction.

However, I’ve had a slight change of thought recently and I’ve now begun adding Twitter’s ‘Tweet’ button to my blog postings and I have also begun to use Twitter for short information blasts with a Revelation topic. If you have a Twitter account, you can easily use the Tweet button to tweet the posting onwards to your followers. In addition, you can follow me (log into Twitter and search for mdp_revsoft) and receive small bite sized timely twitter postings about Revelation related topics – I won’t over burden you and I’ll be keeping my tweets on topic. In addition, my tweets will NOT be linked to or appearing on the blog, keeping the blog clean.

I’ll still be maintaining the blog as the main vehicle for technical information, news and other information coming from my desk. So please be sure to follow and/or subscribe to the blog.


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