From the desk of Bill Caisley

There are a few instances reported that if utilising ARev tables in OI ‘I have to maintain my indexes in ARev, OI does not work!’

If you are using/attaching legacy tables from ARev in OI and there is a Quickdex.mfs on the DICT. you are unable to create a Btree on any of the fields. It will appear to have worked but the index will not exist and it will not work. If you attempt to re-add the index you will receive a message that the ‘index already exists’. What has happened is that the DICT. now has a one (1) in field six which indicates the existence of a Btree on that field.

Revelation are going to produce a meaningful error message in a future release to warn you of this problem.

To successfully maintain indexes from OI you must first remove the Quickdex.mfs from the DICT. by means of a SET_MFS. You should also edit the row in the Dict and remove the one (1) in field 6 if you previously attempted to create an index.

Please also note that Sprezzatura have begun a blog thread regarding ‘Indexing in OpenInsight – Part 1 –What is indexing?


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