>OpenInsight version 9.1.1 released!!


Overnight Revelation released the latest version of the OpenInsight application development suite – Version 9.1.1. For those of you who decline to install the first major release, waiting for the first patch, then now is the time to take a look at 9.1 and what it has to offer for developers and users.

The new version is available from the WORKS area on http://www.revelation.com/ and it should be noted that it can only be applied to a pre-installed version 9.1 installation. As usual, you will require an authorisation key form Revelation using the form linked from the 9.1.1 download page.

Some of the enhancements in 9.1.1 include a new .NET version of IDX_SETS to address some performance issues whilst running ARev32 or CTO applications. In addition, RWREPORT has been fixed to display when printing to the screen.

Other enhancements sees the ability to use a key value for from fields added into the Database Manager’s Add Relation Index window. Using DELETE from TCL whilst defining a specific key will now delete that entity, rather than the last active list and the Command Stack can now be user based.

There have been three key enhancements to the System Editor ++, including the addition of an option to search inherited applications, a cancel option for users running a global find and replace search and an issue with Cascaded/Tiled stored procedure code windows no redrawing correctly has been resolved.

A Savewarn message has been added into the Table Builder’s Calculated Column Edit window and a list handling error when adding and removing QuickDexes and RightDexes has been resolved.

OIPI.NET/OIPI sees three issues resolved. Creating files using LIST or RUN_REPORT will now preview, CSV files can now be created and ADDTABLE message results are now justified. On the subject of reporting, the Banded Report Writer sees a fix to the Calc button, which was not working.

Within the Client Server Workspace, Options buttons have been added to the XO_CHILD and DS_CHILD windows, so that users no longer have to remember to double-click to see the window’s options.

The RDK sees one fix that now allows Buildexe to default to designation and data paths.

Finally, scrollbars have been added to the DotNetExplorer window EditTables and a missing program within RTI_GetNetworkUserName has been added back into the system.

It is nice to see that a few of these fixes came from client requests at the recent RUG meetings and I hope that you all find the 9.x releases more enjoyable to work with and, more importantly, help to make you more productive.


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