When you create an RDK deployment it creates a row called %RUN% in the SYSUPGRADE table which contains $RDKMODULEINSTALL from SYSPROG. This program has changed from version to version and the source that is issued with an upgrade is NOT the Source for the live Object but merely an example if you wish to create your own custom RDKMODULEINSTALL.

What happens if you run an RDKInstall is that the object from %RUN% is copied into SYSOBJ and then it is run. A problem can occur if an RDKInstall fails because of an OI version change that will leave the incorrect version of $RDKMODULEINSTALL in SYSOBJ.

You will have to copy a ‘clean’ $RDKMODULEINSTALL into your working copy of OI so that any future RDK deployments contain the correct version in %RUN%.