>Did you know – Background Gradients.


Back in March, I wrote about the new background gradient feature for OpenInsight forms. These enable you to instantly change the look and feel of your OpenInsight application by setting window gradients for the background colour and style of a window, or set a default that runs throughout your application.

These gradients can be set programmatically using the GRADIENTSTYLE and BACKCOLOR properties of a window. In addition, they can be set in the Form Designer by opening the Windows Properties dialog and clicking on the Gradient button located on the right hand side of the dialog box.

However, since that first report, the features has been enhanced to include a drop down list of available Gradient Types on the Gradient Definition dialog box. The list of available types has been extended and now includes: “None”, “Vertical”, “Horizontal”, “Ellipse”, “Pyramid” and “Mountain”.

When a type other than “None” is selected, the “Grade To Color…” button is enabled. Clicking the button will display the Choosecolor dialog box. Once the Grade to Colour is set, click the OK button. The settings will be stored on the OpenInsight form.

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