>In Development – SQL Connector


Back in October, Revelation announced that OpenInsight for Web (O4W) is being designed to bind to SQL tables. This has led to the development of a new SQL Connector that will also be included in OpenInsight 9.2.

The SQL Connector is a Base Filing System (BFS), not a Modified Filing System (MFS) that is currently part of the Client/Server Workspace of OpenInsight. In the past SQL data was only accessible to the Form Designer via the C/S Workspace. With the SQL Connector, SQL tables are now seen as native tables to all components of OpenInsight including forms, reports, popups and stored procedures.

Within each of these components, opens, reads, writes, locks, unlocks and selects all work the same.

The SQL Connector works with the SQL statement that is placed in a dataset. This means that you can bind to tables, use views and multi-table SQL selects. The SQL Connector will point at a dataset and it will create OpenInsight F-type fields for each column in the dataset. Developers can add symbolics, including Xlates to other SQL based tables.

The SQL Connector also utilizes ADO record sets which eliminates the need for developers to deploy ODBC connections to client workstations.

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