>S/List Patch for OpenInsight 9.x


My colleagues at Sprezzatura have just uncovered a small issue with S/List whilst running under OpenInsight version 9.x. With SYSENV CFG_OIPI set to VSPRINTER 2 (the OIPI.NET option in OpenInsight 9.x), the preview generated by S/List can terminate after only ‘printing’ the headings. All other direct output (printer, .csv, etc.) works fine.

With the VSPRINTER option set, everything within S/List under OpenInsight version 9.x runs fine.

The issue was traced to a piece of code that was set to do a GET_PROPERTY from VSPRINTER if the OpenInsight release is greater than OpenInsight 4.1.3. Support for the VSPRINTER2 logic has now been included via a minor change to the offending program and it is currently released in a patch – the full installation will be amended shortly.

Current S/List users (both Designer and Viewer users) can download the patch from www.sprezzatura.com

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