>Revelation World Conference


The Revelation Conference is now only a few weeks away and the conference website is now live.

The Revelation World Conference is the most significant event in the Revelation calendar and provides Revelation’s developers and end-users with a large number of education, networking and business relationship building opportunities.

To be held between the 27th and 30th April at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas and with sessions on new features such as O4W and O4SQL, this has to be one of the can’t miss events of the year.

The conference web site contains all of the information that you will need about the event, including a letter from Mike, a list of vendors who will be available to meet and discuss Revelation based topics with, an introduction to the keynote speaker and of course details of the education sessions and their speakers. Of course, there is also a section with registration details.

So, should you attend?

If you are involved in any way with an ARev or OpenInsight, or considering purchasing OpenInsight or a pre-built Revelation based application, then the answer is, without doubt – YES you should attend.

However, with the economy just entering recovery many people will be questioning the cost to attend, rather than considering the cost of not attending. With over 18 technical education sessions to choose from, there is no easier, faster and cheaper way to get a complete understanding of specialised areas of the products and technologies that Revelation provide. Furthermore, with new features planned for release around conference time, this is the perfect opportunity to fully understand how the technologies will benefit your business, gain valuable information prior to release (to help you plan your future developments) and to voice your needs from these new and exciting developments.

In previous years, the conference speakers (all Revelation professionals) have delivered amazing value from their talks, leveraging their considerable product and technical experience. Furthermore, session attendees usually have the opportunity to continue the dialogue with the speaker during the vendor fair and conference evenings. Then also through the services that many of the speakers offer following the conference. The conference really is the ideal venue for adding to your address book of top knowledge resources.

With the invaluable knowledge that you are unquestionably going to gain, the professional contacts that you will make and the huge motivation that you will ultimately leave the conference with, this is the one Revelation event that is sure to leave you more confident, productive and profitable.

I look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas in April.

Visit http://www.revelationconference.com/ for more details.

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