Guys, the http://www.revsoft.co.uk/ web site is now back up and running. However, following the rebuild some of the old pages have gone and most have been renamed as part of a new marketing drive that I am on at the moment. It has not been fully proof read and I apologise in advance for any typos and other similar errors. It was published earlier than expected owing to our issues with the hosting provider’s web server and our domain.

Any pages requested from a search engine and that no longer appear are currently going to a page not found page. If you hit this please email me with your requirements and I’ll get the content to you by return of email. For example, the error code pages are not yet there and I’m not planning on recreating them unless they are really needed as the help files in OpenInsight are now very good and contain this and much more information.

In addition, a lot of the documentation, manuals, etc. (especially older files) have been removed as they are now included in the OpenInsight install and from 9.2 there are folders with 9.1 and 9.1.1 documentation, etc.

That said, please let me know if there are files and content that you used to use a lot and that is no longer there. I have the old site saved locally and I will get the content republished based on demand.

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