>OpenInsight and Thin Client Deployments


We have recently had a couple of people asking about configuring OpenInsight systems to run in a thin client environment, most notably Citrix and Terminal Server.

Following assistance to get the systems working, the clients wanted to better understand the working of the system. My experience indicates that getting these systems to work on one site is not always a recipe for success on another site and often an exact duplicate of a site at a new site results in a system that needs further configuration to get it to work correctly – go figure!

It is for this reason that, whilst we know that OpenInsight runs fine in these environments (once correctly configured) and Revelation even have some Citrix systems hosted internally, they are still officially labelled as unsupported. This sometimes results in consultancy services being needed and onsite investigation to resolve some of the more stubborn issues.

However, to better help Revelation VARs and users to understand these environments from an OpenInsight installation perspective, Sprezzatura have written and published a very useful blog posting. You can gain access to it at www.sprezzatura.com and I would highly recommend all VARs take a look and anyone else involved with or considering a thin client based OpenInsight system.

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