>New TCL functionality for 9.2


As many of you will no doubt know, I have recently been working with the OI 9.2 alpha software to create a series of Getting started with OpenInsight videos. These are being hosted on YouTube in a playlist for people new to OI and they are designed to support our marketing campaigns that are currently going out to non-MultiValue developers – yes, were are once again out there spreading the word about MultiValues and OpenInsight in particular.

One of the new features in 9.2 is some enhanced TCL functionality for both ARev users (new ARev Softkeys supported) and OpenInsight users in general through a new Grid switch for a TCL list statement.

If you want to know more, please checkout my latest video that looks at the new TCL functionality coming in OpenInsight 9.2 in a few weeks time.

NOTE: The guys at Revelation are working extremely hard on the 9.2 release and since I recorded this video TCL has been further enhanced. The image above is a little difficult to see, but a graded background and the ability to drag one column to another location has been included. In addition, a lookup button has been included in the active Command cells prompting the user to click for further options (or to pick a command from the list). In my video I had to know that the cell needed to be double clicked.


One thought on “>New TCL functionality for 9.2

  1. >Latest update from Revelation:————————————————-The improved screen has better syntax checking and error messages, as well as a better look.The Shift-F6 becomes real handy when you know the LIST INVOICES but forget the fieldnames, so you press it.When a report is in the grid, you can select a large chunk of data by clicking on one row, and then shift-clicking on another.

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