>Enhanced TCL


Did you know…
That in OpenInsight 9.2 there will be new TCL softkey functionality and a great new Grid view for list statement output:

– Shift-F1 – Link Multiple Commands (Makevoc)
– Shift-F4 – List Tables
– Shift-F5 – List Volumes
– Shift-F6 – TCL Assistant
– Ctrl-F10 – The Query Table

The query table is a list that stores the last 50 select statements, and their results, run by the system (from TCL) on a particular workstation. Pressing Ctrl-F10 from TCL will provide a list of the past queries, the time and date the query was run, and the number of results returned from the query. Choosing an item from the popup will return the results in an active select list.

Running a List statement with (G (for example LIST INVOICES CUST_NO CUST_NAME INVOICE_DATE ITEMS DESCS (G from the EXAMPLES application) will display the results in an EditTable on the screen. From there you can move columns around, copy the content, or part thereof, to the Windows clipboard and also sort and remove the data.

A complete review of all the new TCL features will be on display at our Conference next month and you can get a taster on my YouTube Channel.

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