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Any modern business needs to be utilising social media these days and that means maintaining and watching various blogs, RSS feeds, twitter feeds, etc. I myself have got quite into this over the last few months and I have made some useful contacts in the process, which have lead to some interesting business discussions.

However, keeping up to date with all of the feeds was becoming a daily chore and one that I felt was needlessly eroding half an hour or so of my day, and this was just keeping up with Revelation related topics. What I needed was a way to keep myself up to date whilst on the move – In the playground whilst waiting for the kids to finish school, whilst commuting to work or between meetings and discreetly whilst at home in the evening and especially avoiding the tuts and long faces from the family when the laptop comes out.

Well finally I have something that will hopefully help any OpenInsight developer or user keep up to date with the various feeds from the Revelation community, including the discussions bases. The only issue is that you need an iPhone, iPod Touch with an internet connection or a Smartphone running Android.

What I have done, is to create a small iPhone application that brings most of the Revelation news feeds, blogs and technical discussion bases together. If I am missing any, please let me know and I’ll do my best to include them.

For more information, please checkout my Revelation iPhone Application demo on YouTube and the application itself can be downloaded using the safari browser on your mobile device from

8 thoughts on “Stay in touch with Rev News and Tech.

  1. >The application has been updated to include that SRP feed. You should not need to do anything and you should see the new link from the more… button page.Please let me know of any other Revelation related blogs and feeds that you would all like including and I'll get them included as soon as possible.

  2. >David, I'm no genius, but this is something that I've been after for a long time. This one will be pure Revelation, but I'm planning another personal one with other non-Revelation feeds so that ALL of my blogs and feeds are brough together. It's just so convenient and great not to have to keep a laptop running. This morning I updated myself over the breakfast table and was ready to work on the days tasks when I got to my desk 😀

  3. >Nice Martyn… us non-iPhone users use Google Reader with the same effect – all the Rev news in once place with the same ability to view on computer or phone (Blackberry in my case). How do you think I keep up with your blog?

  4. >Hi Frank, Thank you for your comment on my blog. It might seem strange, owing to me creating an iPhone app, but I do not yet have an iPhone and I’m running an old Blackberry Curve. For that reason, I also make use of Google Reader and I have a Google Dashboard on my laptop. However, I am hoping to expand on the iPhone application with Revelation relevant bitesized information. I was playing around with rendering html in the application (the Contact Revelation link) and I hope to include more html content in the future. I’m also looking to bring together other content, like my YouTube Channel, the QSG Video series (when it is finished), etc.At the moment I can’t use Widgets easily, but when I work out how to, I’ll have some other useful content coming into the application. The feeds, are hopefully just the start ;)Thanks for the Google Reader reminder though for all of us non-iPhone users.M.

  5. >For those of you using my iPhone application, the Revelation News and Information link is back and it should appear when you next open up the application. In addition, the scrolling issue that I refer to in my demo video has now also been fixed.Thank you to Jared and Dave for helping with the resolution to my issues.

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