>The No SQL movement.


Computer World UK have published a rather interesting article for all of us operating in the none SQL world. The full article can be accessed from the link above and it might be useful when talking to management and prospects about your OpenInsight based systems.

Also, a few of you have recently contacted me with regards to the video tutorials. It is good to hear that some of you are finding them useful and I do have plans for more. The first set of lessons were pretty much planned before I started and I’m now planning the next few lessons around building myself a new OpenInsight application :).

Once this short month is over and the conference is behind me, I’ll get back into producing the next lessons.

In the meantime, thanks for your patience.



5 thoughts on “>The No SQL movement.

  1. >Technically noSQL movement (at least the non-dogmatic one) is not specifically about not using SQL but more about transactional overhead and minimising this within a cluster server environment. Technically whatever solution retrieves millions of cross server queries and updates a second with the least resource requirements is the best solution regardless of the underlying technology.

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