>One day you can’t afford to miss!!!!!


I’m sorry for being more than a little quiet on the blog recently. The reason is simple and it is because I have been working solidly on a new OpenInsight application to replace my old contact manager. Following a crazy price increase to run my old faithful CRM system under Windows 7, I switched to MS Outlook and a plug-in. Following the 6th issue with that system, resulting in another two or three days work to get the application back (even with backups), I decided to do the obvious and write my own – a long, long overdue project.

Within a week, I had a nice looking fully working system and data was being punched in. Even though I know how good OpenInsight is, I’ve been amazed at what I have achieved with OpenInsight 9.2 (as a non-professional developer). There are some bugs to iron out, some reports to write and a few items on the wish list, but it’s looking damn good 🙂

Anyway, if you are not using OpenInsight and want to see what a novice can achieve in a week, come along to our next EMEA Revelation User group meeting in London on the 13th July 2010.

If you are an existing OI developer, an existing end-user or someone thinking about adding OpenInsight into your toolset, then you’ll definitely want to reserve a place to see Mike Ruane from Revelation Software demonstrate how to use OpenInsight’s U2, D3, and SQL connectors to either Windows or browser-based forms.

OpenInsight is a true, graphical, MultiValue product that’s been around since 1992. Developers program in Basic, can run reports using an Access or English like language from TCL, but the can also create forms, reports, pop-ups and searches without writing code. Mike said to tell you all that, “If you write code… we have the capabilities that will knock your socks off”.

OpenInsight has its own MultiValue database, but with our Connector technology, OpenInsight can treat Rocket’s UniVerse and UniData, TigerLogic’s D3, and almost any flavour of SQL’s data as if it was our own, and manipulate completely using our toolset. These connectors are going to open new doors for anyone involved with MultiValue systems and they are already opening doors for Revelation’s clients in the US.

Furthermore, Mike will be reviewing a number of new features in 9.2 and taking away a list of your needs and wants for 9.3.

And, if that is not enough reason to come along on the 13th July, then he’ll also be showing off O4W – The newest, best and easiest to use web enabling technology for OpenInsight and just about anyone wanting to create database driven web applications in minutes and without writing code – don’t believe me? Come along and see for yourself.

PLUS – For anyone already deep into using OpenInsight, Carl Pates (Sprezzatura) will be talking about utilising the Web Browser Control in OpenInsight – A bit hit presentation at this years main Revelation Conference in Las Vegas earlier this year.

So with an agenda like that you’d be mad to miss out on this one. Places are likely to be limited, so please reserve your place online as soon as possible.


3 thoughts on “>One day you can’t afford to miss!!!!!

  1. >Sounds like another informative and interesting day. I'm looking forwarded to catching up with you and the guys again.These days are well worth the time. Get along if you are considering it, but not made your mind up yet.

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