>Yet another new OI connector goes into beta.


As many of you will know, Revelation’s OpenInsight supports data connectors for Rocket Software’s (previously IBM’s) Universe and Unidata (U2) and also TigerLogic’s D3 databases.

However, a brand new data connector for Univision has just gone into beta and Revelation hope to release this shortly after the main 9.2 release mid July. Built on Revelation’s existing and proven connector technology, this new connector now means that Revelation supports data connectors for ‘five’ of the leading MultiValue (Pick) databases currently in use, as well as support for a variety of SQL databases.

These data connectors are shipped as part of the development suite meaning that there is nothing extra for you to purchase, other than your third party database licenses. Once configured, a job that usually take no more than a couple of minutes, these connectors enable developers to work with the OpenInsight toolset against the third party data just as if it was native OpenInsight data. This means that the entire OpenInsight toolset can be utilised against these databases: that includes the GUI design tools, the Powerful Systems Editor, the Data Warehouse, the Web Development Tools and much more.

Revelation are currently interested in talking to anyone running Universe, Unidata, D3 and Univision and who need to extend or modernise their current systems. Please contact Martyn in the first instance for more details or you can find out more about these connectors, and see them in operation at the forthcoming RUG in London on the 13th July. This is a free to attend event and you can register to attend on our website. Places are becoming limited, so please register as soon as possible.

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