Starting OpenInsight/OpenEngine with Arguments

Over the last week or so we have had a few requests for details of the command line switches that are available when launching OpenInsight. They are actually listed in the OpenInsight help files and they can be found by searching for “Starting OpenInsight/OpenEngine with Arguments”.

However, for ease of use here are the details:

/ap – Application Name
For Example: /ap=SYSPROG

/un – User Name
For Example: /un=SYSPROG

/pw – Password
For Example: /pw=swordfish

/dv – Development mode flag
(1 = Development mode, 0 = Runtime mode).
Defaults to Runtime mode.

/sn – Server Name
see Client to Out-of-Process Engine.
For Example: /sn=dylan

/he – Hide Engine flag
1 = Hide Engine, 0 = Do Not Hide Engine.
The default value is dependent on the engine type.
Runtime Engines default to 1. Development engines default to 0.
Note: If you hide an Engine, the Debugger tool is disabled.

/hi – Hide Interface flag
1 = Hide Interface, 0 = Display Interface.
The default value is 0.
This option determines whether the OpenInsight Interface screen is displayed or hidden during execution. The OpenInsight help files provide some graphical examples.

/sm – System Monitor flag
1= Start System Monitor on startup, 0 = Do not start the System Monitor.
The default value is 0.
The System Monitor is not available in a runtime system.

/bn – Banner Display flag
1= Display Login Banner, 0 = Do not display banner.
The default value is 1.

/ca – Application Manager Caption
The caption may not contain spaces.
For Example: /ca=Local_OI.

/i – Indexer
This argument is used for OpenEngine only. This argument will start the OpenEngine as a dedicated indexer. The format for using this argument is /i appname.


Some specific examples include:

C:\RevSoft\OI32Bit>oinsight /ap=EXAMPLES /un=EXAMPLES
This command line will run the EXAMPLES application under the EXAMPLES user in runtime mode.

C:\Revsoft\Oinsight\oinsight.exe /ap=sysprog /un=sysprog /ca=local_oi /dv=1 /sn=soren
This command line will run the SYSPROG application with the user SYSPROG in developer mode. It will also set the window caption to read “OpenInsight – SYSPROG(LOCAL_OI) and a server name of SOREN. This will be listed in the OpenEngine Information under Queue Information.

C:\Revsoft\Oinsight\oengine.exe /i sysprog
This command line will run the OpenEngine Index Server with the SYSPROG database.

C:\Revsoft\Oinsight\OINSIGHT.exe /ap=examples /un=examples /hi=1
This command line is for use with runtime engines. The OpenInsight interface screen (The Application Manager IDE) is displayed by default. By setting /hi=1 the OpenInsight interface will not be displayed.

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