>OpenInisght 9.2 Now Available.


For those of you that might not have noticed, the final commercial release of OpenInsight 9.2 was made available to all OI WORKS subscribers on Thursday last week and a press release will be going out form the EMEA office ina few minutes.

This new release was very warmly received last week, both at the RUG and the various client meets that Mike and I had around the UK.

Some of the highlights were the enhancements to TCL for end-users and the connectors for SQL and D3 and of course O4W.

There are a number of documents available for the connectors and O4W and we have videos planned for the SQL connector, the D3 connector and I also have plans to turn the O4W Quick start guide into a series of videos over the coming weeks.

All OI WORKS subscribers have access to the new release through the WORKS area on http://www.revelation.com. If you are no longer a WORKS member and would like to get your hands on the new version, please contact me for WORKS renewal details.

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