>Upgrading to OpenInsight 9.2


Following a hugely successful RUG and road trip around the UK last week (more on the RUG coming soon) and the release of OpenInsight 9.2, we have had a number of support requests from people new to OpenInsight for installation keys. This posting is therefore to remind everyone of the process to obtain the upgrade files and the authorisation key.

The first pre-requisite is that you have a current OpenInsight WORKS subscription. Please contact me if this is not the case. You then need to ascertain which version of OpenInsight you are running at the present time. If it is an older 7.x or 8.x version then you will need to cross-grade your runtime or Developer Class licenses, please contact me for more details about the cross-grade procedure.

Assuming you are simply upgrading your OpenInsight development system (W serial number) you will need to either obtain one of the single hit upgrades that are unofficially available (there is not currently one to jump from 7.x or 8.x to 9.2, but I will blog one if and when it is made available), or the appropriate upgrades from your current version to 9.2. The readme files identify which upgrades can be jumped, however I personally usually apply each in turn. Alternatively, there is a 9.2 full install in the WORKS area and this can be used for a single clean installation by those of you who wish to backup and restore your application/s into a fresh installation of OpenInsight.

Please note that the WORKS area includes both a 9.2 Full Install and also a 9.2 upgrade, so please be careful to download the right file.

Please also note that upgrades prior to 8.0.3 can be installed without an installation authorisation key, but upgrades from 8.0.3 require keys. The good news though is that you only need one key for the whole upgrade process.

OK, so the actual process:

1) Log into http://www.revelation.com with your unique username and password.

2) Locate the ‘WORKS Subscribers’ button on the left navigation bar and use it to enter the private WORKS area.

3) Next locate and click on the ‘Works Downloads’ link in the navigation panel and then choose ‘View All by date Posted’. This works fine for us at the present time, as the two upgrades appear at the top of this list. Otherwise you could select to display all by version.

4) Click on the full installation or upgrade page link to go to the license page.

5) Read and then accept the license to move on to the actual download page.

6) Review this page, but move straight to the OI92Install.exe icon at the bottom of the upgrade page and download the file, saving it to you local machine. Please also be sure to download and study the Installation Guide and Readme Guide as there is information in there about closing services, etc. before running the installation and installing the client files as part of the installation.

7) Move back to the top of the download page and locate the hyperlink to the ‘OpenInsight 9.2 Full Install / Upgrade Request Form. This launches the form that you will use to request your installation key.

8) Complete this form, being sure to complete all of the red labelled prompts, including your correct email address, serial number and a site name (reference to this license). If this is your development license (W serialised engine) then just enter Development License.

9) If you have already uploaded your OEngine.dll file DO NOT upload it again, just hit the save button and your request will be processed automatically and you will receive you code by email within a few minutes.

If you have not previously uploaded your OEngine.dll file for the system being upgraded, please locate your OEngine.dll file from within your OpenInsight folder and upload that now. This will invoke a manual registration process and you should receive your installation key within 24 hours (subject to the US office opening hours).

10) You then simply need to install the upgrade/s or full installation using the authorisation key where prompted.

Although the above ten steps sounds complicated on paper, it is actually very straight forward and (with the exception of the actual download time) the process of obtaining the upgrades and installation key should not take more than a few minutes.

However, please do not hesitate to contact your designated Revelation office should you require any assistance throughout this process.


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