>EMEA RUG Report


For those of you who were unable to make the EMEA RUG last week, Elkie Holland from Prospects IT (the leading recruiter in the MultiValue community) has written a very nice report about the RUG including links to some of the useful resources that Carl mentioned during his presentation.

Following the RUG Mike and I took to the road and made numerous site visits around the UK, including the first of many telephone interviews with mainstream IT media journalists. One of the striking things to come out of these discussions is the need for business to aggregate disparate data in one consistent interface. It seems that many people, especially MultiValue users, are still pumping data into corporate data stores for reporting, displaying over the web, etc.

O4W and the data connectors released as part of 9.2 are well placed to address this business need, enabling people to seamlessly use data within one single OpenInsight based application, from multiple database sources. At the moment the company supports its own native data, several flavours of SQL, Rocket Software’s Universe and Unidata, TigerLogic’s D3 and a Univision data connector is almost complete. Please visit www.revsoft.co.uk and the Products pages for more information about the new technologies – If you are an existing OpenInsight WORKS subscriber then you can start working with them today, as you already have them.

Anyway, it was a really nice surprise to find one of the RUG attendees writing about the event and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Elkie for the report.


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