>3 reasons to take a look at OI 9.2.


As if you needed them, here are just three of the countless reasons why you, as a MultiValue developer, should be looking at OpenInsight 9.2. Using one fully integrated toolset, OpenInsight 9.2 now enables you to:

  1. Very quickly and easily extend the life of your leading MultiValue applications for LAN, WAN and the Web deployments. Creating a web interface for your application can be done in just a few minutes using OpenInsight 9.2’s O4W.
  2. Interact with the entire Windows world in the easiest ways possible. This includes consuming .NET controls, ActiveX controls, Widgets, API’s, Windows hardware, third party applications and more.
  3. Seamlessly support multiple databases from within your application using OpenInsight 9.2’s data connectors. Currently supported databases include OpenInsight’s linear Hash, Rocket Software’s Universe and Unidata (U2), TigerLogic’s D3 and numerous flavours of SQL (including mySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, etc.). Support for Univision will follow in a few weeks time.

    This can enable you to enhance your users experience and workflow by aggregating disparate data sources into one interface, whilst continuing to maintain those separate islands of data. This ensures data integrity is retained, whilst enabling your application’s users to read, write and maintain those islands of data AND it enables the users of those islands of data to continue to work with them outside of your application, as they do now.

OK, so there is a fourth reason. Revelation Software has just recently released a free to use OpenInsight 9.2 evaluation version of the toolset – including the data connectors and O4W.

Mention this code (MDP92100810) and you’ll receive an installation key for a full 60 day period, rather than the usual 30 days.

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